colgate - keep the world smilingColgate has been researching for over 200 years in order to improve your oral health steadily. Our products help people around the world to provide for themselves and their loved ones quality of life.our claimColgate is committed as a company committed to act in all situations with empathy, integrity and honesty. For the global environment we show commitment, which is far greater than mere compliance with legal requirements. The sustainable management of our environment is a top priority for us. Customer satisfaction and quality are the development of our oral care products in the center of our interest. For this reason, we are constantly working to recognize the changing needs of consumers and to meet them with innovative products.our rangeHer bright, healthy smile is our priority. Our oral care range offers the right product for every need, from complete protection on whitening products up to the gentle care for sensitive teeth and sensitive gums. 
By matching our toothbrushes toothpaste are optimally supported in its performance. Both toothbrushes with particularly fine bristles and brush that gently remove tooth stains are included in our product portfolio. Non-stop protection for clean teeth and sensitive gums offer our mouth rinses and ensure a completely healthy mouth.